Atul Gupta Takes Social Responsibility Seriously

Atul Gupta’s commitment to improving South Africa and the lives of its citizens has led to the businessman implementing several initiatives geared for social responsibility. Through the Sahara Group, he has pioneered corporate sponsorship in South Africa in areas like educational programs, literacy initiatives, social and religious campaigns,
and sports development.

Atul Gupta Promotes Diversity in the Workplace

With the vision of personal empowerment driving all his dealings, Atul Gupta is proud of his focus on creating and increasing opportunities for minority groups and historically disadvantaged H.D.A people in South Africa. In an industry that has been dominated by white people until very recently, Atul was one of the first business leaders to promote the development of black entrepreneurs.

Employee Development

Atul Gupta has successfully established Sahara Computers as a thriving start-up and as an industry disruptor. He did not only achieve this by corporate means, but also through taking the social responsibility of cultivating a successful group of employees. Sahara started with a small team with very little ICT experience, and encouraged its employees to improve their skillsets by providing the opportunities to do so. Through the huge investment Sahara made into its workforce, the company became a prominent challenger in the ICT market.