Atul Gupta – Achieving Excellence

Over his 30 year career, Atul Gupta has achieved great success both in business and in improving social conditions in South Africa, chiefly through his deep involvement with his family's holding company, Oakbay Investments. By using his finely honed business acumen to develop corporate strategies, he has ensured that every Oakbay project brings growth to its local environment and is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Like all members of the Gupta family, Atul strives for excellence in all of his endeavors. Here are some of his key achievements.

Significant Contribution to the South African IT Industry

Throughout his career, Atul Gupta has traveled far and wide to visit the operating hubs of Oakbay Investments' portfolio companies, including Sahara Computers. He used these visits to arduously define work processes and procedures, and to introduce best practices were implemented across the Sahara associate network around the world. With expertise in multiple business areas, from procurement to assembly and distribution, Atul played a vital role in transforming a relatively undeveloped market into a thriving industry. Through his valuable input Sahara was positioned as the biggest distribution company of its kind in South Africa.

Taking Globalization to the Next Level in South Africa

Instead of following trends or focusing on immature markets, Atul Gupta has secured his global expansion strategy by finding potential in untapped markets. After establishing a solid trading base with exceptional operational abilities, he expanded Sahara Group's service offering to include the rest of Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. Using his unique methodology, Atul consistently delivered on the group’s vision. He took a South African distribution brand and gave it vendor status, while also turning it into a global industry leader. This was all achieved despite the challenge of competing against top international market players from Dubai and India.

Atul Gupta’s Achievements in Social Reform

Contributing to the developmental needs of the community is of crucial importance to the Gupta family. Atul has spearheaded several social welfare initiatives that benefit underprivileged citizens of South Africa, including programs focused on food, books and clothing donations to helping those who are less fortunate.. In other projects focused on education, Atul Gupta provides funding to schools to promote activities that enable young people to help themselves improve their future.
As one of the first companies to support black economic empowerment, Oakbay Investments has contributed significantly to promoting diversity in the South African workforce – particularly in the IT sector.

Extraordinary Focus on Corporate Relationships

By creating and maintaining a motivated workforce, Atul Gupta has been able to manifest his vision into reality. He has not only achieved a remarkably low staff turnover rate in his businesses but has also managed to successfully maintain and grow vendor relationships and establish superior standards in customer service, setting new precedents in the industries he has been involved in.